Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Midweek Adventure: The Friendship Rejuv

You know that feeling you get when you finally sit down and polish your silver bracelets, then blink down at them afterward and feel like you have a WHOLE NEW SET OF JEWELRY? That's the feeling I get, times ten, when I rejuvenate an old friendship.

Last night I caught up with Lauren (above), fellow member of a group of friends our fourth-grade teacher called "Club Bizarre." We met at Luna Grille in Shirlington--best fresh-baked bread in the area, if you haven't been, and super cheap. (No, you can't just go to the Luna in Dupont--apparently it's no longer affiliated, and the bread is way worse.)

Here's what I love about a friendship-rejuv: 1. the gossip and 2. the perspective. A couple of years ago I caught up with a girl I'd barely seen since we were pushing each other on the swings at the age of 12...and found out that she now enjoyed a robust lifestyle with another kind of swing set, via Craigslist casual encounters. And then there was the guy I knew in high school who always terrified me because I thought he was so much more suave and experienced than I was, and it turns out he was terrified, too.

What is that quote from Before Sunset--I guess a memory is never finished as long as you're alive?

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