Friday, January 29, 2010

The Point and Shoot

One surprising thing I've learned in my first month of nomofomery: spontaneity is good, but point and shoots are better. Let me explain.

What you are looking at is the BIG NIGHT OUT! White Chocolate Apple Cobbler dessert fondue from the Melting Pot in Ballston. This mucusoidally-dripping little marshmallow marked the end of a spontaneous trip to the "occasion" chain restaurant I've always wanted to try. Apparently no one goes there on just an ordinary day; when the waiter asked if we were celebrating anything special tonight and we just said "...dinner?" I thought his eyebrows were going to fall off.

It's not that special, said Matt as I pretended not to hear his subtle hints that he wanted to go to Pizzeria Uno instead. You're really not going to...oh, whatever. He knew it was futile.

He was right. Fondue is fun, but fondue in a restaurant that smells just a little like dishwater, interrupted every five minutes by the poor waitstaff who are probably doused with scalding Fiesta Cheese in the back room if they fail to Upsell With Pizazz, is the sort of fun that the hee-hee sense of adventure must produce rather than just enhance. Which is no biggie--but still.

I've learned a lesson this month. The BEST adventures require a little more of us than spontaneity in the moment. I won't say they're all about "advance planning." More like spontaneity-plus: a clear target, a running start, the freshness of having just decided to do something combined with the foresight to have left yourself open to it. For instance, Blues at Glen Echo--deffo one of January's winning adventures--required a copy of the park calendar, keeping that Thursday night free, and then the oh-hell moment of shutting my car door and gunning it over there.

When I slouch out the door to see wherever the night takes me, I end up eating fondue. When I leave the house with the same slouchy attitude AND a kickass idea, I end up with new friends, new stories, occasionally new bruises, and a very familiar, very satisfied smile.

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