Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adventures at CPAC

Another thing that happened recently was I went to go see Matt sign books and moderate a debate at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which was something I didn't know existed until last year.

1:30 p.m. Look at how popular Matt is!! Oh wait, these people were all lined up to see Newt Gingrich. Oof. But can Newt Gingrich say he's on the West Wing's Wikipedia page??? I thought not.

Don't worry, people eventually came to see Matt. And when they did, I went for a walk. There was about a 5:1 whackadoodle-to-normal ratio: one guy luxuriantly picking his nose here, a group of smart-looking people having a spirited debate about academic freedom there, guy in a mink coat wearing gold dollar-sign cowboy boots there, and then:

(From a review of 'Avatar' on this group's web site: "Pandora is the perfect world toward which we must progress. The basic message denies any idea of creation, original sin, redemption, the sacraments, grace, judgment, heaven or hell. One legitimately asks if the Na'vi tribe is part of creation, did they participate in original sin, were they redeemed by Our Lord Jesus Christ, will they go to heaven or hell? Perhaps Cameron’s strange idea is nothing more than a modern rendition of the Communist mantra; imagine no heaven, no hell, just nature and man, and when we die, it all ends.")

Birchers! They still exist!

Why was the table for the Indian American Republican Council manned by two white people massaging each other?

Excellent marker work on those signs.

In sum, after CPAC I had facial spasms from arching my eyebrow so much. BUT out there in the sea of jelly beans, haters, and giant yellow NRA tote bags, there were a handful of people who someday (please, please) are going to restore American conservatism to something a little less tacky. A girl can dream.

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