Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nomo(ney) FOMO.

Life's tough when you're a twentysomething FOMOnster in a creative field. To illustrate, here's a Gchat conversation I just had:

3:00 PM me: OMG, mark russell is at ford's theater this week and i didn't know?? FOOOOH MOOOE
can you get tickets?
do they cost $90
3:02 PM me: they're a little expensive. the cheapest are $41 and i'm trying not to bankrupt myself this month
3:04 PM Neil: i'd go but i'm not that rich
me: same.
3:09 PM
Neil: i am saving up for a spray tan

Oh, Mark. You are the impossible dream. I can only console myself by watching this preview video on loop.

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