Friday, April 2, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

Yeah, I'm in a work binge until mid-April, so don't expect much exciting material here. BUT: I did manage a solo trip to see the cherry blossoms today!

Photo Credit: Tourist in socks and sandals

Would you believe in nearly 25 years of living here, I've never been down to see them before? (Well...I guess I've only been in the area for around 20 years of those 25...but whatever.) I grew up in near Kenwood, a neighborhood with some pretty impressive cherry trees of its own, not to mention houses with turrets, which I like looking at better than tourists. I never thought I was missing out by avoiding the Tidal Basin.

Or so I thought. The air was warm and fragrant tonight, and people from all over the world were smiling and giggling and running around between the branches. Since it was dusk, not just the cherry blossoms but the whole sky was pale and pink, and petals were fluttering down over everyone. Some teenage girl shouted to her friend, "now THIS is the kind of snow I like!", and I thought God that's so cheesy, but then: yeah, I agree with her. I sat on the water's edge and hummed this song to myself and felt pretty in that way that has nothing to do with your physical appearance.

There were people out in paddle boats, and I wanted to be on one so badly. But I've long since learned my lesson about trying to steer a paddle boat alone.

Envy! But it was all right--fun as paddle boating is, there's nothing better than a dreamy walk by yourself in your hometown when it's looking as beautiful as can be.


  1. Did you post all your cherry blossom photos elsewhere? D.C. Cherry Blossom season is one of the few FoMo experiences I get every spring. I'm hoping to see Brooklyn Botanic Garden to secure some NoFoMo for myself...

  2. I did! They're on Facebook.

    I miss you, Ed. I'm coming up to NYC again May 8-9...are you in town that weekend??

  3. I will indeed be in town. It'll be gangbusters to be you, Pumpkie! First stop, Tiff-Tiff's!